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Why Do Inverter Batteries Die So Soon?

Inverters have become an essential part of our lives. These wonder machines invaded each and every home in the city during those horrific power cut days some years ago. Inverter battery dealers in Chennai will vouch for a huge increase in their sales during that period. Since then, the public has realized the immense benefits of using inverters even in the absence of frequent or regular power disruptions.

Inverter Battery Dealers In Chennai Explain Why They Are So Necessary Here.

Given the scorching heat of the Chennai summers and the ever-present menace of mosquitoes in the rainy season, even a few hours of power outage in our city can cause much discomfort and inconvenience. You just cannot get a good night’s sleep here without the fans running at least. Inverters are thus such a godsend for the residents of Chennai.

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The heart of an inverter is its battery. It is the most crucial element of the entire setup. The battery is charged from the mains when there is power and kept on stand-by. When the input is shut off, it acts as a backup power source, with enough charge to run a limited number of appliances for a certain number of hours.

But very often we find that the battery’s life does not last as long as you expected it. In many cases, the battery needs to be replaced within 2 or 3 years, and they are not inexpensive. If you ask most Amaron or Exide dealers in Chennai, they will tell you there are several reasons for that.

Do Not Compromise On Quality Say Dealers Of Amaron or Exide Inverter Batteries In Chennai

#Battery Quality

This is a common mistake a lot of people make. They compromise on quality to save money and end up having the battery die on them in no time. A good battery will last for a longer time than the less expensive ones. So, look for top-quality brands like Exide or Amaron which use the very best materials and elements in their battery construction. Several Exide and Amaron battery dealers in Chennai like Nantech deal with a wide range of inverter batteries from such renowned brands. They even come with a few years guarantee on the life of the battery.

#Battery Usage

The more the usage of the battery, the shorter its life span. The battery undergoes several hundreds of charging and discharging cycles in its lifetime. A reduction in these numbers can extend its life. Also, make sure you do not overload the battery during a power outage. Run only those appliances that are absolutely necessary.

#Battery Charger Quality

Not just the battery, its charging device should be of good quality too. Even the best quality batteries available would not function well and would become inefficient if the charger is not good. They would run out of charge way too soon.

#Battery Overcharging

Overcharging of inverter batteries can significantly reduce their life span. It causes overheating of battery plates and corrodes the terminals. So, turn off the inverter when the battery is fully charged and turn it back on only when there is a power cut.

Take Good Care Of Inverter Batteries For Longer Life, Say Exide Dealers In Chennai.

#Battery Maintenance

Keeping the inverter battery in good condition with regular maintenance is a surefire way to extend its lifetime. Check the distilled water levels and replenish them regularly. Make sure the terminals are clean and free of corrosion. These simple precautionary steps go a long way in making sure that your battery does not die a premature death.

With all this information we are sure you will be able to make your inverter battery last for years without failure.

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