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What is an Annual Maintenance Contract? And Why Should You Worry About It?

Replacement and warranty periods might be necessary factors to consider while purchasing electrical appliances. But, the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) should also be taken into consideration before making your decision. To put it simply, it’s an agreement between you, the consumer, and the product’s company that ensures that you get repairs, and maintenance for free or nominal fees during the contract period, from the authorized executives of the company. We at Nantech provide AMCs while selling our electrical products and here’s a list of how you can benefit from it:

1. Less Expenditure Cause It’s Economical

AMCs make sure that the repairs and services don’t get too pricey! Additionally, you know the upfront prices if any, ensuring that you aren’t falsely tricked into paying more than what is officially needed.

2. Emergency Power Failures? Get Help Instantly!

Unforeseen emergency situations can occur at times and leave you puzzled. But in case they occur during the contract period, you can instantly get help from the company! Just call the customer care of the product company and help will arrive at your doorstep.

3. Authorised Personnel At Your Disposal

The tech support executives working at the product’s company are extremely resourceful people since they are well-trained for their jobs. Of course, in case of emergencies, you can call a repair person from your local hardware store but chances are that they might be relatively unskilled and you might be overcharged for the maintenance or repair task. Or even worse, you can be scammed! Fortunately, authorized personnel are at your disposal, whenever needed and will do the job as per the official price.

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4. Efficiency

Electrical devices may become less efficient with the passage of time. However, maintaining them verifies that the devices are performing as per their given specifications. Lower efficiency can even lead to more expenditure. And hence, services are necessary so that you don’t end up spending more due to an inefficient device!

Should you renew your contract after its expiration?

It’s often a debatable topic for some folks who state that maintenance isn’t necessary as long as the device is working perfectly. But contract periods offer you security, safety, and peace of mind during emergency situations. Moreover, you can’t get to know the efficiency and persisting potential problems within a device, without carrying out routine maintenance checks. These checks can even avoid or tackle a problem before it actually happens and make things go haywire.

In conclusion, Annual Maintenance Contracts are necessary to fortify your product and reassure you in times of crisis. We at Nantech sell a wide range of products with these contracts, to make sure you get help when you need it the most!

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