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Healthy Maintenance of Your Transformer

The Need for maintenance?

Transformers are a costly and necessary portion of any machinery. As it is used to minimize power line issues such as electrical noise, spikes, surges, and ground loops, insulation transformers are used. It also offers high resistance to insulation and complete electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding. So, it is best to conduct annual maintenance check ups on your machinery to get maximum efficiency and increase product life.
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Annual Isolation Transformer Maintenance Checklist

  • It is important to inspect the air fans, oil pumps, among other things used to cool down a transformer and control circuit annually
  • Make sure you use only soft cotton cloth every year to clean all the bushings of your electrical transformer.
  • OLTC's oil status should be closely investigated on an annual basis.
  • Make sure the interior of all the marshaling boxes is washed out annually. Check the proper functioning of the heaters for room and light. All the control and relay wiring terminal links need to be strengthened at least once a year.
  • It is important to clean all control switches, alarms and relays along with their circuits, the Remote Tap Changer Control Panel, and the Relay and Control Panel with an acceptable cleaning agent.
  • If they have the requisite oil level, check all the pockets for the Winding Temperature Indicator and Oil Temperature Indicator and make sure to top it up if needed.
  • It is important to verify the proper functioning of the Buchholz and Press Release System relays on an annual basis.
  • Ensure that the resistive force of the earth connection is determined and that the rizer must be measured with a clamp on the earth resistance meter. This has to be done on an annual basis.
  • Replacement of capacitors:
  1. Capacitance value changes can result in variations in the output voltage of the CVT-
    It’s expected usual manufacturing tolerances in the value of a spare capacitor to adjust the nominal setting of the original output voltage by less than 1 percent. With CVTs using a spare capacitor of the same color dot, the estimated output voltage difference will be less than 0.3 percent
  2. Over extended periods of time, the physical dimensions of commercial capacitors shift-
    Condensers would be comparable in size or smaller in general terms. A factory repair for units up to 3 kVA is recommended in case of any anticipated problem. When handling high voltage capacitor installations, caution must be taken

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For more maintenance details of an isolation transformer

Preventive maintenance can help to detect problems and provides:

  • Increasing transformer life through condition monitoring
  • Lessen Maintenance Costs
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Avoid a sudden breakdown

Conclusion: A famous saying “a stitch in time saves nine” used to express that it is better to spend little time and effort right now to avoid major problems in the future which may lead to cost more money sometimes life too.

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