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UPS Solutions: The Need And Vitality Of Them For Businesses

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The need for continuous power is increasing for all businesses, be it four people startups or big multinationals. The processes and work of companies are becoming heavily reliant on systems that are always “on.” It is why Emerson UPS plays a role more pivotal than ever before for companies.
Businesses in Chennai face a power outage at some point or the other. Even a few minutes of disruption can create a butterfly effect on the operations. And if the electricity cut is extended, the impact can be a significant loss. To put it, ups in Chennai are not just needed but vital for all businesses.

How Do Uninterruptible Power Supplies Safeguard Your Business?

Compiled below are a handful of advantages a business gains by installing an Emerson UPS, one of the best continuous power supply solutions in the market. They highlight the importance of investing in battery backup.

  • You Stay Powered Up

The obvious and most prominent benefit of UPS backup is break-free power. In the event, the main power of the business fails, UPS kicks in instantaneously. They ensure that your stay is powered up without any lag time. For example, a generator backup takes time to start up after a mains failure. That break of two to three minutes can be equivalent to critical mission failure.
Battery backups allow your company continuous supply by acting as a bridge between primary power and generator start-up. Every device keeps running thanks to the UPS battery circumnavigating any power failure problems.

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  • You Stay Protected

It is common to experience power shifts in a day, week, month, or year. The instability in voltage can cause damage to electronic devices and havoc on your firm’s work. Battery backups ensure that stable power output is continuously supplied, keeping your devices absolutely damage-free and protected.

  • You Are Buffered From Surges

Besides monitoring for power failures, Emerson UPS also keeps an eye on incoming voltage. If there is a surge or spike, the battery identifies it and quickly switches to AC power. This switch hinders the spike from reaching any device connected to the UPS and prevents harmful conditions from arising. Once the surge diminishes, the UPS automatically reconnects to the mains power output.

  • You Keep Essential Data

The lack of a UPS often means loss of crucial data when a power outage occurs because devices are cut off from any power. The window battery backups provide is more than enough for employees to save any information or work they are performing, create a backup of essential data and then power down their workstations.

  • You Save Costs

The cost of lost data and time varies from company to company. But for all, it means lower productivity and vial time spent either recovering the information or recreating it. In the long run, even a minute-long power outage faced here or there leads to a major loss for a business. In case the work is sensitive, or the deadline is looming, the loss is even more notable. Installing an Emerson UPS in your office takes away this horrifying scenario and protects your profit margin.

Knowing that a battery backup is an essential investment for any business in Chennai is one part of the narrative. Picking the right UPS in Chennai solution is other. Pick a provider that commits to supporting your IT system. For instance, we not only offer frequent services but also monitor the battery backup. It ensures that UPS always remain reliable.

Moreover, batteries are not one-size-fits-all solutions. For each business and requirement, the UPS needs differ. Only a provider with knowledge, experience and expertise can recommend and install the right system that safeguards your business; we are one of them. Small start-ups, medium-sized businesses or large corporations, we find the right power supply solution for every workplace.

One of the few UPS in Chennai providers who have a complete array of products, we survey your requirements and then recommend the best UPS product fit:

  • Offline UPS is the perfect fit for companies that only utilise desktop systems and are small in size. They are the simplest form of UPS.
  • Line Interactive UPS is excellent for filtering out electrical disturbances as they are always active. They reduce the effect of central power switching to battery power.
  • Double Conversion UPS converts all AC power to DC and then back to AC. This offers the most protection among all battery solutions. For massive corporations who use a lot of devices and workstations, these are the best solution.

Think of UPS for your business in Chennai as a form of insurance. They protect you when an unforeseen circumstance arises out of the blue. They ensure that no negative impact befalls your company.

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