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Tips to know before recycling inverter UPS batteries

Inverter batteries recycling tips by Nantech power systems,Chennai

Have you faced a situation when the main power supply unexpectedly goes out? Well, in such cases, the UPS aka Uninterruptible Power Supply delivers reliable emergency power to the electronics for a few minutes. These inverter UPS batteries use lead-acid batteries to hold the charge even after a power cut. What if your existing UPS battery backups don’t function properly due to failing batteries? You shouldn’t toss the UPS system somewhere but recycle the same properly.

Well, it is important to recycle or dispose the battery carefully. When it is not disposed properly, the lead-acid batteries can cause a health hazard. The harmful acid of the old battery will be absorbed by the surrounding ecosystem, farming land and waterways, and causes severe contamination. Eventually, this can be harmful to both the environment and health of people. So, the lead-acid batteries have to be recycled safely.

When inverter battery dealers in Chennai suggest recycling

Similar to batteries powering automotive startup motors, these UPS batteries store electricity via reverse chemical reaction process that involves lead-acid. Batteries work in regular charging and discharging cycles. When any electronic device runs on battery power such as a laptop, it discharges continuously. This can be reversed with the recharging of the battery. However, there is a cap to the limit of charging and discharging cycles that can happen over time. Notably, no battery can hold the charge for a longer time. If the upper limit exceeds, then the battery should be replaced to continue enjoying the advantages of a UPS.

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This is when you need to consider recycling the old batteries. It reclaims valuable components and prevents environmental hazards. There are government rules and initiatives also in the disposal process of lead-acid batteries. Notably, it is against the law to dispose of these used inverter batteries anywhere you like. You need to ensure that the proper recycling process suggested by the best inverter battery dealers in Chennai is followed. Do keep in mind that the battery symbols and labels indicate the specific ways you need to follow to recycle to dispose of it safely and the chemical reactions that could happen.

Well, do not get too worried thinking about the safe disposal of used UPS batteries. It is a rather simple process, but the proper guidelines should be followed. There are many online UPS dealers in Chennai who will handle the process and give you the desired result. So, you just have to follow the same and get the work done.

The recycling process of inverter UPS batteries

Once inverter UPS batteries are removed, they should be recycled properly by taking it to a qualified recycler or one of the best inverter battery dealers in Chennai. Experienced recyclers or dealers will adhere to stringent regulations so that the health and environmental hazards are reduced. They will crush the used batteries into nickel-like pieces and separate the individual components. After this process, the recycled plastic is used to produce new plastic goods such as automotive parts, wheels, and plastic.

Likewise, the lead obtained from the used batteries is shipped to industrial manufacturers. If you are not aware, recycled lead obtained from inverter battery dealers in Chennai is used for a range of industrial applications including military ammunition, roofing material, TV screens, electronics, and nuclear shielding.

The best inverter battery dealers in Chennai are quite experienced in recycling used batteries. They employ a reliable recycling process so that it is nearly 80% of a new lead-acid battery. The recycling process can happen indefinitely and old components can be used to make new batteries that can be recycled again and again.

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