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Questions To Ask Before UPS Purchase!

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing From UPS Manufacturers In Chennai

You might be in terrible need of buying a UPS for your office servers. UPS performs a crucial role in protecting servers and computers by acting as a battery backup in case of low voltages or power failers. If you are doubtful about your purchase of a UPS, then you should ask yourself the following questions to get a clear idea.

Will Your Servers And Equipment Be Supported?

This is the main function of a UPS. To protect your servers, hardware equipment, network, etc. Downtime that occurs out of the blue is sure to disrupt the flow of work in your office.

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Is The Maximum Load Capacity 750 Watts?

Online UPS Manufacturers In Chennai have a wide range of brands when it comes to UPS that offer a limit of 80 % of maximum load.750 Watts is the usual high-capacity load that is supported by UPS systems as it reduces any chance of overload.

Does Your Device Require Sine Wave Power?

UPS systems usually support pure sine wave power as most devices run only on that.

Should Your UPS Be Maintained Remotely?

UPS systems can be maintained remotely via a computer which is connected and the communication ports. There are network management card slots within most UPS for this purpose.

Capacity To Prefer While Buying From UPS Dealers In Chennai

In order to find out the capacity or wattage you need for your UPS, you need to calculate the total power or wattage on which all your equipments run which you are planning on connecting to the UPS.Check the specifications of the UPS provided within the documents provided by Online UPS Dealers In Chennai and look for UPS brands which have higher capacities than your total wattage requirements.Otherwise, if the capacity of UPS is less, more power than what the UPS can support will be drawn by your devices which will result in an overloading. If your capacity is very high, then you may need to go with a 3 phase UPS model or rather split your devices into small batches and support each batch with a single phase UPS model. It is better to choose UPS models that provide higher power factors as it will allow more of your equipments to be connected to the UPS.

Further Considerations On Buying UPS From Online UPS Manufacturers In Chennai

You need to ensure that your office has an AC circuit that could be connected to the UPS system about to be installed or else you will need to make necessary arrangements for it. Otherwise you will need to adjust with buying a UPS that supports your present circuit. Check whether the output is compatible with the input plug and also with the power requirements of your devices. The best UPS systems available in the market are designed to support both low voltage as well as high voltage output requiring equipments.Otherwise a step down transformer could do the job.

It is adviced to buy UPS systems from dealers who provide details of data regarding backup run time on the UPS models. Most UPS systems have the option of being able to connect to external batteries to extend the run time. In case of load shedding, these battery backups can be set in order to support only the critical equipments by cutting out the power supply to less essential equipments.Always take care to check the warranty period offered by the UPS manufacturers to ensure that you have a long life for your UPS.

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