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Know The Benefits Of Online UPS!

The Features Of Online UPS Delivered By UPS Dealers In Chennai

The Online UPS is a type of UPS that delivers power through the battery to the load as the batteries in it are directly connected to the inverter. This eliminates the need for a power switch in case of an online UPS. When the power supply fails, the UPS keeps on delivering power to the load with the help of the current drawn from the batteries. The conversion of this current is mainly through a DC- AC inverter. The current that comes in as AC is converted into DC which is used to charge the battery and the load through the inverter.

UPS Manufacturers In Chennai prefer the selling of Online UPS to offline UPS due to the long-term benefits it offers to the customers and the quality of the same. The working of UPS is such that the rectifier carries the load and starts charging the batteries once the power returns. This UPS works in the power range between 750 VA to 5000 VA.

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Online UPS Vs Offline UPS - Online UPS Dealers In Chennai

The technology involved in both Offline or Standby UPS and online UPS is almost the same. Online UPS Manufacturers In Chennai provide very high-quality Online UPS which has greater isolation from fluctuations in the main power supply. These are now not only available in very large power requirements up to 10 kW but also as a consumer device that supplies lesser power.
Online UPS has a higher initial installment cost but when compared with the long-term life of the battery, this is surely a great investment. The offline UPS has a lower initial cost due to the few parts it is made up of. Offline UPS are cheaper and simpler when compared with Online UPS. It has also fewer parts when compared with the many parts of Online UPS. Also, the operating temperature is much lower than that of the high temperature of Online UPS. The operating cost of offline UPS is lower and hence less electricity is needed for the same. One disadvantage of Online UPS is that since the inverter is always ON, the overall efficiency might be affected.

Why You Should Get An Online UPS From UPS Dealers In Chennai?

Online UPS is highly recommended in case of equipment that is highly sensitive to irregularities and fluctuations in power. The Online UPS has acceptance for extreme voltage fluctuations and does not need to rely on the battery all the time. Also, the output frequency is of fixed configuration. Since Online UPS does not have a switching mechanism and the inverter is ON at all times, there is no significant transfer time during the failure of power. In Online UPS, all kinds of disturbances like power spikes, blackouts, etc are not present. All this makes the voltage to be regulated better.

Online UPS provides protection to appliances at all times, no matter day or night. Online UPS is basically used in motor control applications as well as drives. It has applications in hospitals in the ICU and also in other medical equipment. Hence, if you are considering buying an online UPS, you should definitely try to know the technical as well as other aspects of the different types of UPS before making a choice.

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