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Future of Power Supply in India

India is one of the leaders of energy producers in the world. Within India, Chennai is considered one of the top energy-supplying states in the country. So much so that we have enough plants and wind energy resources to produce enough power for the city and beyond! But with a global shift in power production, and a national aim to reduce pollution and carbon footprint, we shall soon be migrating to more sustainable technologies.

This migration will mean that we have to abandon some of our current procedures or introduce a change in them. We will see a significant shift towards renewable technologies like Solar, Wind, and hydroelectricity in the future. Tamil Nadu is already a hub for many Wind Energy plants, with fields of windmills dotting the landscape; it won't be long before we see an application of them in many micro settings of our cities.
We shall discuss each of these energy concepts in the upcoming sections to give you a brief overview of the future's energies.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a significant craze now! There is much development in solar technology in the world. We believe that for Chennai, Solar and Wind energy systems will dominate the landscape. We are already considering using solar panels on our streetlights to save a substantial part of the electricity budget. Many households these days have started adopting Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, and Solar Heaters.
Chennai is hot throughout the year, which is good news since that means the sun is out most of the time, and we can exploit it! Solar energy is here to come, and once our technology is adequate, Solar Energy will be all around the city!

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Wind Energy

Wind energy is another form of life that we can exploit. Chennai's monsoons can be windy, and the spring and autumn breezy. Hence, we can use the weather to our advantage and supply power to most of our Rural areas in Chennai who face frequent power cuts. Even though we can use Solar energy on a city-wide scale, we need to ensure that we use wind turbines to maximize our output and sustainability.
We need to keep in mind that every energy source is still liable to power cuts, and for that, proper backups to our power supplies in the form of inverters.


With the river Kaveri flowing through our state, we can, and we have utilized our rivers by controlling their flow for agriculture and industries and generating sustainable quantities of electricity!
We must ensure that our transmission lines are fitted with the proper transformers and Servo Voltage Stabilizers. The transmission of power is smooth while minimizing voltage losses along the line as much as possible.

While we can expect automobile industry changes in the future to be significant now, with the arrival of Tesla, we can safely conclude that such technologies will rise, which will significantly reduce our carbon footprint.
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