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The Specifics of Installing EV Charging Solutions in Chennai

An EV Charging Station or Electric Vehicle Charging Station is a charging point or equipment that connects an electric car or scooter to a source of electricity for recharging the vehicle. The electric vehicle is a huge boon, especially considering the consistent rise in fuel prices. However, the availability of EV charging stations is what really matters. If we are to see more electric cars and bikes on the road, there should be a wide availability of charging stations too. The future looks good for the electric vehicles market. We will be witnessing EV charging solutions in Chennai grow by leaps and bounds.

Let’s delve into the particulars and technicalities of installing an EV charging station.

Planning to install EV charging stations? Know this first:Electrician installing electric charger

Before making the big dive, there are factors to study and consider if the plan is to install EV charging stations in big cities.

  • Location matters. That's the rule of thumb for any business. The availability of parking space for the vehicles and access to a good power source are crucial aspects that cannot be overlooked.
  • Uninterrupted cell tower reception is mandatory to provide easy access to smart networks to ensure correct payment for electricity.
  • Electrical upgrading is another factor that eliminates any last-minute hassles and necessities because the whole installation depends on electricity.
  • Extra site work is the last factor that is dependent on the first three. Proper professional planning will ensure that extra work on the site, like digging trenches, or erecting concrete structures is done as per the need.

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Options To Consider Before Investing In A Charging Station

It is imperative to analyze the various types of charging stations that are now available in the market. Being a relatively new field, the options need to be weighed and decided upon.
The options differ with having our own, personal charging station at home or utilizing a pay-and-use charging station. In Chennai, both types will prove to be highly beneficial.

Universally known as Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, EV charging stations differ in many aspects. Here’s a look at the types of EV charging stations and their details:

EV Charging Stations


Types Functions Uses And Mileage Options Installation
Level1. Standard Outlet Uses 120Volts of AC current that is supplied from a 3-prong outlet. Ideal for overnight or full-day charging. Gives 2-5 miles/ hour of charging. No options are available as this is the basic type. Only a standard 3-prong plug and outlet with a portable cord is needed.
Level 2. Destination Charging Stations A standardized connector supplies 200-240 Volts of electricity Ideal for workplaces, and pay-and-use parking stations, residential parking lots, and garages.

An hour of charging gives 20 miles.

Networked charging stations that can be located via apps and allow access through prepayment. The installation will require professional help, materials, and permits.
Level 3. Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC) On-the-go- charging stations Requires 500 volts of power from a 3-phase power plug. Gives 100 miles after charging for an hour.

Most useful for long trips.

Requires heavy investment for installation. Hence we must consider how often the device will be put to use. The equipment, accessories, upgrades, and the installation process itself can run into huge expenditures.

Some Important Guidelines To Remember

White color car connected with electric charger

  • The installation of EV charging stations is the job of a professional. The work must be supervised and completed by an experienced technician.
  • The manual that comes with the device must be diligently followed.
  • It is important to confirm if the location has a GPRS collection.
  • The suitable height for installing wall-mounted charging devices is 120 centimeters.
  • All the electrical connections, capacity, and location of the nearest power grid must be double-checked by a professional electrician.
  • A thorough electricity inspection must be made if multiple charging stations are going to be involved.
  • Smart features can be added to the charging stations that will enable them to automatically reduce power.
  • It is mandatory that all the EV charging stations are equipped with a three-phase 400Volt AC Current connection.

EV Charging Solutions In Chennai

Electric vehicles are not an uncommon site in Chennai. The trend is slowly catching up with the metro population and it won't be long before the roads are chockablock full of EVs zipping around the city. Owning an EV charging station will soon be a viable business option. That is what Nantech Power Systems Pvt Ltd is all about. Nantech is led by an expert team that provides exceptional guidance to investors who are seeking help with electrical charging solutions in Chennai.

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