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Ways to Select the Best Quality Solar Street Lights

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Solar Street Lights: At the Forefront of the Green Energy Revolution

The wind, water, and sun are the three big players of Green Energy. Of the three, solar energy has grabbed global attention as an effective solution to reduce energy consumption and environmental damage.

The global shift is driven by government initiatives and a massive adoption of solar lighting systems like solar street lights. Why solar street lights? The answer is obvious. The entire world is focussing on sustainable power sources to curtail greenhouse emissions. The relentless pursuit of green power drives the need and the market growth for solar street lights. Here's the proof: Global experts say that the market for solar street lighting will reach $14billion by 2027, with a post-Covid CAGR of 14.7%.

Why are solar street lights popular?

In India, solar street lights are a common sight. Thousands of them dot the highways that criss-cross the length and breadth of the country. As dawn turns to dusk, these solar street lights come alive and flood the highways with clean, sustainable power.

Standalone solar street lights are fast gaining power for some good reasons. They are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Low-maintenance
  • Renewable energy
  • Usable even in remote areas
  • Wire and cable-free

How do they work?

Rather than relying upon on-grid power supply, solar street lights rely on batteries or photovoltaic cells for solar energy storage. This aspect makes solar street lights a feasible option to power highways and roads in remote places without any power grid source. These systems can also use the stored energy by converting it into electricity as per the requirement. For your solar street lights to function well, they must be exposed to direct sunlight, allowing them to soak up the solar energy for at least eight hours. Once charged, they are good to go for the rest of the night.

If you are looking to invest in solar street lights, it is undoubtedly a wise decision because these solar-powered solutions are fast gaining traction. The popularity of these street lights is driving the market and vice versa. The solar lighting market is flooded with dozens of options that could be overwhelming for inexperienced investors. If you are not well-informed, you may buy low-quality solar street lamps manufactured with sub-par materials.

However, our blog is packed with all the information you need to consider when investing in solar street lights. Let's read on.

11 Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Street Lights

1.The light source

When make enquiries about solar street light dealers in Chennai for solar-powered lamp sources, they come up with several options like:

  • Energy-saving lamps
  • LED lamps
  • Induction lamps
  • Sodium lamps

Of these choices, the best option that's a close replica of the sun's spectrum is the LED light. Nowadays, smart solar-powered LED lights are powered by higher lumens that use less energy. Furthermore, LED lights make solar power integration simple and easy. So, they could be the better choice.

2.The type of battery

All solar lights are powered by batteries, which are available in two types:

  • Lithium batteries
  • Lead-acid batteries

Of the two, lithium batteries are better because they have:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Stronger resistance to temperature (upto 45 degrees Celsius)
  • Various charge and discharge times ( up to three times more than that of lead batteries)
  • Better battery capacity to provide the right lighting efficiency

It is important to note that the battery capacity should meet the lighting efficiency requirement. If not, the street lamp will not provide adequate lighting during the rainy season.

3.The temperature and latitude

When you are at a latitude greater than 15 degrees, the sun's inclination angle with the ground is greater than 15 degrees. Therefore, you must consider solar street lights with adjustable solar panels. Also, the panels of solar street lights installed on both sides of the road should not face away from the sun.

4.The heat dissipation performance

The heat dissipation is another important factor determining the LED lamp's quality. Basically, heat dissipation is nothing more than the transfer of heat. However, dissipation also refers to heat loss driven by undesirable effects. Therefore, every time the heat dissipation is inadequate, the lifespan of the semiconductor device in the street lamp is shortened. It is better to choose anti-ultraviolet and fireproof LED lights to ensure adequate heat dissipation.

5.The Illumination levels

When considering solar street lights, look for details about the footcandles as they determine the illumination on the floor. Ideally, the bright/dark ratio should be 4:1, but a minimum ratio of 3:1 is also good. You should also consider the colour temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin.

6.The temperature of the black lamp housing

It is better to opt for light coloured lamps since black coloured lamps are highly heat absorbing. If the lamp is black, the temperature of the metal shell can reach up to 90 degrees Celsius underexposure. The high temperature will destroy the battery and the LED light source. Therefore, choose a silver shell that will not absorb heat or fade when placed outdoors.

7.The controller

Charging and discharging controllers are also known as solar controllers, and they coordinate the work of solar panels, storage batteries, and loads. An effective heat dissipation function is crucial for selecting a controller. Another essential feature is temperature compensation. A smart controller has been added to prevent overcharging and undercharging of solar batteries. You would be better off investing in a smart solar controller with built-in communication that allows real-time monitoring and control of the system. The controller would offer maximum performance and longevity.

8. The sensors

The sensors are of two types:

  • Microwave induction ( can sense moving objects)
  • Infrared induction (detect only temperature-bearing organisms)

The PIR or the Passive Infrared Sensor is included in many solar street lights to help conserve energy. The sensors work by measuring infrared light allowing the sensor to detect movement.

9. The solar controller

The solar controller coordinates the work of the panels, loads, and batteries. Hence it is essential to pick a controller which gives you the following benefits:

  • Good heat dissipation function
  • Temperature compensation
  • Prevention of overcharging and undercharging
  • Built-in communication with interactive control
  • Real-time system monitoring
  • Maximum performance and longevity

10. The solar panel

The solar panel is the main component of the solar street lighting system. To determine the quality of the solar panels, you should:

  • Check for even distribution of the silica gel around the back, backplane and frame.
  • Examine the string welding for leakage regularity of the cell arrangement.
  • Examine the pressure quality on the back and check for irregularities like bubbles and wrinkles.
  • Check the battery panel's tempered glass surface for any foreign matter.
  • Ensure that each battery cell is complete and created through integral cutting.

11. Service and warranty

Solar street lamps are certainly a big investment. Hence you need to ensure the manufacturer offers an extended warranty period of 20 to 25 years. Also, look for reputable solar street light dealers that offer good after-sales services.

Choosing Between Various Types of Solar Street Lights

  • When choosing solar street lights, it is also advantageous to know the various models available on the market.
  • Solar pole lights

In this model, the solar panels are attached to the poles. This panel positioning is slightly disadvantageous because the sunlight effect is minimal, and the absorption effect is only one-fifth of the ordinary solar lights. Moreover, the absorption rate is almost nil when the sun is directly above.

  • Solar and wind energy hybrid street lights

The conversion equipment is different in this model because the conversion mechanisms are different. If wind energy is used to charge the battery, it will cause decay and affect the battery life. Hence, this model may not be the right choice if you are looking for solar lights that will last a long time.

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