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What Is The Need For A Stabilizer? Stabilizer Dealers In Chennai Explains

A voltage stabilizer is an instrument designed to provide constant output voltage irrespective of the changes or fluctuations in the input, i.e., the supply voltage. Stabilizers are also referred to as Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR). The voltage delivered by a stabilizer falls in the range of 220-230V for single phase mains and 380-400V for three-phase mains.

In Chennai, power cuts and voltage fluctuations are very common. Hence it would be foolishness to operate costly appliance without a voltage stabilizer in Chennai. Why is a stabilizer considered necessary? Let us have a look at the technical side.

Usually, all electrical appliances are designed for a wide range of input voltage. Based on the sensitivity of the components used in them, the working range of each appliance is limited to a certain value. For example, some appliances can work with in ± 10 percentage of the rated voltage while the tolerance range of some other appliances is ± 5 percent. But the fluctuation in voltage which happens due to faulty transformers, defective electrical lines, lightning, thunderstorm, etc. may go beyond the tolerance range so that it may damage the appliances.

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Devices which work in over-voltage for a long time may experience the damage of winding insulation, load disturbance, reduced life, etc. It will also affect the connected cables and associated devices.
Similarly, under voltage would cause overheating of the devices, more current usage, poor performance and sometimes termination of its functioning as such.

Not taking any measures to deal with voltage fluctuation and operating costly electrical appliances in widely deviating voltage ranges would result in huge losses. Whereas, buying a good voltage stabilizer and connecting the appliances to it other than connecting to the mains directly would ensure safe operation and long life of your appliances.


Different Types Of Voltage Stabilizers, Chennai

Voltage stabilizers are available in different types. Initially, the stabilizers had to be operated manually. Later on, with the advancement in technology, automatic stabilizers came into existence. The presently available Servo voltage stabilizers in Chennai are usually fully automatic with a lot of attractive features. The following are the different types of stabilizers based on the scientific principles involved in their operation.

Relay type

Relay switching is the technique used in relay type stabilizers. They consist of rectifiers, amplifiers, micro-controllers, transformers, and a collection of relays. The accuracy of output voltage ranges between 5 and 10 percent of the desired value. Such stabilizers are generally cheap and are lightweight. They are preferred for those applications which do not require high precision output voltage.

Servo-controlled type

This type of stabilizer utilises a servo motor for voltage regulation. Other components are an autotransformer, a buck-boost transformer, a driver for the motor, micro-controllers or microprocessors involved control circuit, etc. Servo-controlled voltage stabilizers deliver output voltage which is highly accurate. Even very high deviations in input voltage get corrected to the most appropriate voltage required. This type of stabilizers can be used in both single phase and three phase mains. Routine maintenance is required for such stabilizers.

Static voltage type

Static voltage stabilizers consist of a circuit which acts a power electronic converter. They provide even better accurate results than servo controlled stabilizers. They also contain transformers, microprocessors, and controllers. Static voltage stabilizers can be made in very small sizes, and they require no maintenance as well. Hence this type of stabilizers is in more demand compared to the other ones.


Tips On Choosing The Right Voltage Stabiliser, Chennai

What are the factors to consider before buying a stabilizer? Here are the most important ones.

  •  Study the power and voltage specifications of the device for which you are buying the stabilizer for. It would be there in the user manual provided while buying it.
  • The rating of stabilizers is in KVA. So if the wattage rating of the instrument is not given directly in the manual, just multiply the voltage by the maximum current, and you will get the wattage value.
  • Do not go for a stabilizer with the exact tolerance range of a device. Always keep some extra margin for safe operation. This would also help in future if more devices are to be connected to the stabilizer.

Keep the points discussed here in your mind and choose the best voltage stabilizer which is perfect for your requirement!

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