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Major Advantages of Using SMF Batteries

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Sealed Maintenance Batteries (SMF) are a type of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. These are flat-plate inverter batteries. SMF batteries are enclosed and sealed and hence require no maintenance. They are environmentally safe and do not require adding or changing water procedures. Batteries with zero maintenance are commonly employed in applications where little maintenance and limited space are important concerns. Nantech is one of the premium inverter battery dealers in Chennai, and we offer all the latest varieties of SMF batteries you might need.

Significance of SMF Batteries- An Overview

SMF batteries are designed with leak-proof technology to prevent water or acid leakage, safeguarding your flooring space from damage. SMF batteries are entirely maintenance-free and don't need to be topped up with water or acid. The battery operates on the principle of oxygen recombination; therefore, it has no loss of water throughout the charge-discharge cycle. Most people like these batteries since they are simple to maintain. The following are the key characteristics of the SMF battery:

  1. Small in size and may be positioned in any direction,vertically or horizontally.
  2. The fluid is in gel form, so the battery emits no fumes or odors.
  3. There is no water spillage or leakage during transportation; hence the battery can be placed in the equipment right before transport.
  4. More cost-effective than other types of batteries.
  5. Resistant to stress, heat and vibration owing to their sturdy construction.
  6. Charge more quickly and have a quicker recharge period than flooded batteries.

SMF Battery Varieties 

The SMF is split into three categories based on its purpose.

  1. 6 Volt 4.5 Ah - Used in emergency lighting and telecommunications instruments. These are tiny and have a current capacity of 4.5 amps per hour.
  2. 12 Volt 7.2 Ah - It has a high current capacity of 12V which can power both automobiles and offline deep-cycle backup systems.
  3. Large - Larger SMF batteries with a capacity of 100 Ah can be utilized in online backup systems and vehicle starting technology. Because of their extended life and compactness, they are perfect for most applications.

New SMF batteries are also being developed to improve performance. Deep discharge batteries are created for: longer cyclic life, high discharge, front access to monitor terminal voltage, and temperature tolerance.

SMF Battery Applications 

A sealed battery has many applications, and the SMF's various sizes and powers make it an excellent choice for many. Some of the most popular applications of SMF batteries are:

  • Automobiles
  • Inverters
  • UPS systems
  • Telecom equipment
  • Emergency lights
  • LED torch lights
  • Railway signals
  • Golf carts
  • Motorcycle batteries
  • Traffic lights
  • Electric vehicles
  • Telephone exchanges

Automobiles and backup systems account for the majority of SMF battery applications. They are suitable for cars as well as other modes of transportation because they do not emit gas or get overheated. They always remain sealed.

SMF is a popular alternative for powering an uninterruptible power supply system, which supplies backup power when the main power goes out. Frequent power outages drive UPS applications for SMF batteries.

Furthermore, an SMF battery for backup systems like UPS has to operate for a few minutes to provide standby power so that the protected equipment can be turned off. As a result, you can find them securing gear for PCs, telecom equipment and data centers.

Today’s businesses cannot function without computers and phones, and rising incomes have boosted the quantity of electric gadgets in use. It is best to install the UPS in the same area, saving money on wiring.

Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of SMF Batteries

SMF batteries have numerous major advantages aside from the fact that they are maintenance-free. Among the most significant are:

  1. Extended battery life - SMF battery's main advantage is its extremely long service life. It can endure for as long as five years and even more if used properly. Thus, it eliminates the need to replace the battery once every year or two. You'll save money on new batteries because they last longer than regular ones.
  2. Compact Design - SMF batteries are built with high-grade materials and thoroughly controlled plate production to achieve maximum output per cell. Because of the greater density of energy, the force/volume and weight proportions are accurate.
  3. Maintenance-Free & Easy to Use - SMF batteries are low-pollution, user-friendly batteries that are also extremely safe for those who use them. Because these batteries are trouble-free and require no maintenance, it is not necessary to check the electrolyte levels. They do not need distilled water refills. It saves significant money and manpower that would otherwise be spent on battery maintenance.
  4. Pollution-free & Environmentally Friendly - SMF batteries do not generate any toxic fumes or gases. It does not spill because it is sealed, even during battery exports. SMF batteries from reputable brands are designed with all precautionary measures and are extremely safe to install indoors.

SMF batteries are indeed the best solution for your needs. Its battery plate is made of lead-calcium alloy that has a high discharge rate, great performance and reduced internal resistance. As a result of the zero delays in receiving and usage, these batteries serve as effective backup power.

Ways to Improve the Performance of SMF Batteries

To extend battery life, it is vital to regularly monitor battery performance. Here are some suggestions for improving battery performance.

  • The SMF battery must be kept in a well-ventilated area to minimize overheating. If the battery is mounted in equipment, it must be isolated from heat-generating components such as the transformer.
  • To avoid deep discharge, adjust the cutoff power to 11.5 volts in a 12-volt cell and 4.5 volts in a 6-volt cell.
  • It is critical to avoid a no-load battery drain. In the absence of a load, additional equipment components such as sensors, indicators and displays use power. If the equipment does not have automatic recharging, this power loss results in deep discharge.
  • Turbo cum float recharging is appropriate for SMF batteries. If power outages occur frequently, the battery must be charged instantly to ensure that it is fully charged before the next outage.
  • If a problem such as poor backup duration, battery heating, or low terminal voltage arises even after continuous charging, the battery has to be attended to promptly.
  • If the device is not utilized for an extended period, it must be recharged once a week. The battery's life can be prolonged to 3-5 years if it is charged and discharged often.

The Takeaway

The SMF battery is an excellent choice for users because of its high discharge rate, extended life, and lightweight design. It makes it suitable for any application. Aside from that, it requires no maintenance and has an exceptionally low self-discharge rate. Furthermore, their adaptability has resulted in more application-specific solutions for powering tiny devices, protecting power grids, and supplying power to transportation. These properties make SMF batteries ideal for consumers owning diverse equipment.

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