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The efficiency of Constant Voltage Transformer compared to other stabilizers

Constant Voltage Transformer [CVT] is also known as Ferroresonant Transformer. It is a non-linear transformer which provides a regulated voltage output through an electromagnetic phenomenon called ferroresonance . The ferroresonant power supplies are widely used in applications which require constant output voltages especially when the input voltage is likely to vary due to instabilities and power line disturbances.

The advantages of CVT over others:

The CVT or the Constant Voltage Transformer was invented in the year 1930. It is one of the oldest inventions among stabilizers and the most efficient. Let us check out some other stabilizers:

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Switched Mode Power Supply [SMPS]-
The SMPS is an electronic power supply that connects a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently. The SMPS transfers power supply from a DC or AC source to DC loads, such as a personal computer, while converting voltage and current characteristics.

Automatic Voltage Transformer[AVT]-
The AVT is a stabilizer used for emergency power supply, oil rigs, generator sets and so on. It is an electronic power device used for variable voltage and this can be done without changing the power factor. If the voltage of the power supply is more than required, a step- down transformer is used and if the voltage is less a step-up transformer is used.

Electromechanical Regulator:
The electromechanical regulator is used for regulation of voltage on AC power distribution lines. These stabilizers are also called voltage stabilizers or tap-changers.To select the appropriate tap from an autotransformer these voltage stabilizer use servomechanism operation.

The uses of a stabilizer: A Voltage stabilizer is used to provide a constant current to electrical gadgets and also protects them from damages due to voltage fluctuations. Some of the main uses are:

  • In under developing third world countries constant power supply is a problem. This intermittent power supply and voltage fluctuations lead to a vital loss. In such situations, stabilizers come to rescue.
  • Slightest variations in AC power supply can cause vital equipment to crash and essential processes to falter. It may also lead to data processing error.
  • Huge damage can be caused to the sensitive electronic device due to common mode noise. Dirty mains and interrupted power supply can cause a lot of problems.
  • Most of the electronic devices can work on low voltages but sometimes problems like sags, brownouts and surges occur which causes huge problems.
  • Spikes are fast short duration electrical transients in voltage, they are typically caused by lightning, power outages,short circuit and malfunction in the power company. Usually, all electronic devices can handle spikes of 100V, but more than that may lead to the crashing of the hardware.

The benefits of CVT over others:

Better voltage regulation: The fluctuation in input voltage is up to 40% the CVT will provide with a better voltage regulation of 1 to 4%.

Current limit: Control on current supply according to the need is the major advantage of CVT. The other stabilizer has a built-in control of constant current supply as against voltage.

Durable: The CVT does not have any movable part so it is easy to maintain and work for a longer duration than other transformers.

Can detect the slight voltage fluctuation and provide a constant voltage supply for the uninterrupted flow of work. Even if there is a small power block, the CVT is able to fill the gap.

The conclusion:

The CVT is one of the best stabilizers in the industry. The reliability and simplicity of the CVT has made it a popular choice. It is a durable device and can be in constant use for a long time without any adverse effects. A CVT is a self-protecting device which protects both its supply and the load connected to it. So to conclude, the Constant Voltage Transformer is the perfect option for any sensitive electronic device which requires a constant power supply.

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