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Ultra- Isolation Transformers (The Safety Net of Electricity)

Ultra Isolation Transformers

Have you ever wondered, when someone by mistake inserts their finger into an electric socket, they get electrocuted, and the finger burns? But when the same finger touches the net of those electric rackets for mosquito killing, you feel nothing more than a small shock wave with no physical effect? So it is quite evident that, based on the current, more accurately, the voltage flowing through a conductor, damage, or magnitude of use of the machine is proportionate. Just like us, even devices have a specific limit of voltage that they can handle without damaging themselves.

Generally, power lines from the power plant operate at super high voltages ranging from 155,00V to 765,000V. If that amount of voltage were to directly reach our homes and factories, all our machinery would burn down. Therefore, along the way, with the help of step- down transformers, voltage is reduced to about 120-220V till it reaches our homes. Unfortunately, this system is not properly developed in all parts of our country. There is usually an undesirable fluctuation of voltage and sound production due to interference and spikes in current, which may damage sensitive machinery in homes and factories. To guarantee the machinery's safety, 'The ultra- isolation transformer’ was created and manufactured on a large scale by various companies, including Nantech. The Ultra isolation transformer works on the basic principle that makes strong insulation amongst its primary and secondary coil, capable of withstanding surges in voltage. This essentially creates a barrier between the source of power and the machine or load, ensuring the machine's safety and any hazards that might arise from the unstable power supply.

Another important use of the isolation transformer is that it reduces electrical noise and enables good electromechanical compatibility. Suppose we pay attention to its internal structure. In that case, we observe that the number of windings in both the primary and secondary coils is the same and is often used to protect other connected circuits and individuals from shock. There is a capacitive coupling between the two coils with a faraday shield to enable the transfer of energy but reduce common-mode noise.


  • Enable safety
  • Reduce noise interference- both standard mode and differential mode.
  • Increase efficiency by blocking DC currents
  • Used in various sectors like Power industry, Aviation industry (Austin Transformer), Pulse circuits, and general appliances like computers, medical devices, factory machinery.
  • A significant part of electronic testing

Cons of Ultra Isolation Transformers:

  • Cost is the only significant issue as it is advisable to have an ultra- isolation transformer, but customers may not buy it or underestimate its use.

Nowadays, due to its wide range of applications, Ultra isolation transformers come built-in with high-risk devices and are indeed a marvel of human innovation. Working on a simple principle helps entire humanity avoid harm from the lifeline of society that is electricity.

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Author: Nantech Team
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