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All You Need To Know About Isolation Transformers

2020 has been a challenging year. Every individual has been forced to take precautions to prevent the virus from sabotaging them. Whether it was the government or renowned celebrities, they all emphasized one thing, stay safe. Safety is one important component to prevent numerous avoidable accidents, be it road traffic accidents or medical accidents, or even electrical accidents. Electrical accidents are usually curbed by planning circuit with every component engineered so that the whole system is fail-proof. One important component is the use of isolation transformers in this circuit. They provide safety gear to the equipment connected to it thereby rendering the gadget and the user using it free from hazard. Chennai is a major contributory city when it comes to hardware industries. It has the most productive technological advancements, giving us all the more reason to buy our electrical hardware. On its ground is the Nantech power systems Pvt Ltd, a manufacturing company that manufactures the most credible, durable, and top-level isolation transformers.

What Is An Isolation Transformer?

Isolation transformers are transformers that provide galvanic isolation between the powered device and AC power lines such that there is no DC path between the two. They are used to transfer electric power from an alternating current power source to a device, isolating the power source's powered device. This is usually done for safety purposes like to protect against electric shocks, to transmit power between two different circuits which are not supposed to be connected, and is also used to suppress electrical noise in sensitive appliances.

How Does Isolation Transformer Work?

Isolation transformers permit the transmission of signals of the AC component to pass but prohibit the DC signals' transmission to pass through from one signal to the other.

Isolation Transformer FromNantech ChennaiThey serve three main purposes:

  • Isolation of the secondary from the earth(ground)
  • They provide voltage alteration - step up or step down.
  • They decrease the electrical noise being transmitted from the primary to the secondary or vice versa.

They are designed in such a way they block the interference caused by ground loops. These transformers have turned in the ratio of 1:1 such that the number of turns in the primary and the secondary windings are equal. However, when the voltage needs to be altered, isolation transformers are used to step up and step down.

What are the uses of Isolation transformers?
The primary uses of isolation transformers are as follows :

  • To avoid ground loops.
  • Enable safe and precise measurements.
  • Protect users from impaired appliances.
  • In the separation of one part of the electrical system from the other.
  • Can be used to test electronic devices.

What are the specialized applications of isolation transformers?

  • Commercial isolation transformers

These are isolation transformers made for a vast number of devices used for commercial purposes.

  • Medical isolation transformers

Isolation transformers are designed especially for medical appliances. Medical centers need electronic devices that require high voltages and are sometimes risky to operate. In these cases, the user's safety, the patient, and the device itself should be considered a top priority. Medical isolation transformers fill this gap, act as a gatekeeper, and provide protection.
Other specialized applications and their isolation transformers include – Pulse transformers, Austin transformers, Instrument transformers, etc.

Isolation transformers are not only used for safeguarding our electronic equipments, but they also make working on an AC appliance so much easier. They work in so many ways to help us bring the best out of the devices we use without any interruptions of any sort. Another added advantage is that they are enormously useful for testing power-related devices.

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