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Constant Voltage Transformer vs Ultra-Isolation Transformer

Chennai city is leading in the hardware industry. From the past few years, it has advanced alot in hardware technology development. Foremost Nantech Power Systems Pvt Ltd., one of the most important major hardware manufacturing companies that provide top-level transformers.

Constant voltage transformer: -

Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)is a non-linear transformer also known as Ferro resonant Transformer (Ferro).

Ferro resonance is a regulated voltage output provided by CVT through an electromagnetic phenomenon.

CVTs are basically 1:1 transformer that is excited high on their saturation curves, thereby providing an output voltage which isn’t significantly tormented by input voltage variations. This special characteristic is that the foundation of the appliance of Ferro resonant transformers as power conditioners.

Ultra-Isolation Transformer: -

An Ultra isolation transformer is a transformer that’s accustomed transfer electricpower from a source of alternating current (AC) power to some equipment or device while completely isolating the connected device from the power source, usually for safety.

An isolation transformer is a transformer, usually with symmetrical windings, which is used to decouple two circuits. An isolation transformer allows an alternating current(AC) signal or powers to be taken from one device and lead into another without electrically connecting the two circuits. Isolation transformers block the transmission of direct current (DC) signals from one circuit to another, but allow AC signals to pass through. They also block interference caused by ground loops. Isolation transformers with electrostatic shields are used for power supplies for sensitive equipment like computers, Lab Instruments, CNC Machines, Medical Equipments, etc.

Isolation Transformer employs a novel multiple shielding technique that reduces the inter-winding capacitance to a large extent and increases the DC isolation.

Comparison: - It matters most for you

Parameters CVT UIT
Transformer Ferro resonant Transformer Copper Wound Transformer
Noise Rejection broadband for common & transient modes excellent common-mode
Voltage Available 2 to 680 Vac 55-0-55 to 680 Vac
Voltage Stabilization 5:1 or 15:1 or better none
Input Voltage 170 to 260 V 115V/230V/415V
Output regulation 3-5% < 2%
Cooling Type 170 to 260 V Air/Oil cooled
Waveform Sinusoidal Sinusoidal
Efficiency Better Than 85 % 96 to 98%. (Depend on Capacity)
  • Proven technology
  • Rugged Design
  • Highaccuracy
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Fast response
  • Output short circuit protected
  • Inductive loads can be handled
  • Excellent shielding method with inductance created between the coils
  • High noise attenuation
  • Less coupling capacitance
  • Suitable to be used as power transformer
  • Wide range of operating voltage
  • Isolating neutral & earth
  • Low-temperature rise
  • Extra Filter circuits are not required
  • Impedance matching is not required
  • Fax Machines
  • Signalling Instruments
  • Electronic Typewriters
  • Computers & Peripherals
  • Transmitters
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Laboratory Equipments
  • Telecommunications
  • Wire-less stations
  • Costly lifesaving medical equipment.
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • CNC Machines
  • Digital Communication Telemetry Systems
  • Industrial Machinery

Aspects To Consider While Purchasing Isolation Transformers

Chennai is a bustling metropolitan city with many people relying on the clean current to reach them. Transformers are an essential part of this chain of getting power to your buildings, and most transformers these days aren't equipped with the latest technology in the market.
An upgrade to the transformers used these days are isolation transformers. They are just like a regular transformer, but the windings couple through a common iron core. The coils have a turn ratio of N2/N1=1, and this setup helps us a lot in reducing power line problems like surges and spikes, and hence without electrically connecting the two circuits, one can safely pass AC. It provides galvanic isolation, which protects your equipment from electric shocks and suppresses noise in sensitive devices.

With a wide range of products available in the market, one must consider some aspects before purchasing isolation transformers. These are:


Since we use transformers to change the primary power supply voltage, we must carefully consider this factor. Even though transformers can accommodate different voltages, the primary power supply voltage will determine the transformer's input voltage. You can then decide the output voltage as per requirements.

Number of Phases

We need to decide whether we have a single-phase or a three-phase requirement and accordingly choose our variant. This will depend on our output requirement. If we transport current to a house, small home, or an apartment building, we shouldn't need more than single-phase power and hence single-phase transformers for the job. Whereas if we are to supply to industries and factories that use heavy loads and heavy-duty equipment, we need a three-phase supply and choose a three-phase transformer.

Load Requirement

This is a factor that deals with the question, "What is the requirement of our load?" For this, we need to consider both the size and the type of load involved. This one should ideally consider along with the previous consideration.


Consider this before you finalize your product for purchase. Where are you going to install the transformer – will it be indoors or outdoors? Depending on this, you have to make sure that your transformer has the necessary physical capabilities to withstand whatever the environment throws at it. That’s not all! Is your transformer going to be installed near any hazardous substances or some other dangerous environment? Ask these questions before you finalize your product's purchase and adjust either your setting or change the product to suit your needs of the installation.

After you consider all of the above factors, you can now get in touch with Nantech, which has all your transformer needs taken care of! With excellent quality products, easy installation, top-notch customer care, and timely after-sales support, you can rest assured of your purchase to be a great one! They have both single and three-phase transformers with ranges from 500-1500 kVA. They have a compact design that can upgrade your current transformer. There are Step-up, Step-down, and K-Rated transformers for you to choose from as well! Please go check them out now, and Happy Shopping!

All You Need To Know About Isolation Transformers

2020 has been a challenging year. Every individual has been forced to take precautions to prevent the virus from sabotaging them. Whether it was the government or renowned celebrities, they all emphasized one thing, stay safe. Safety is one important component to prevent numerous avoidable accidents, be it road traffic accidents or medical accidents, or even electrical accidents. Electrical accidents are usually curbed by planning circuit with every component engineered so that the whole system is fail-proof. One important component is the use of isolation transformers in this circuit. They provide safety gear to the equipment connected to it thereby rendering the gadget and the user using it free from hazard. Chennai is a major contributory city when it comes to hardware industries. It has the most productive technological advancements, giving us all the more reason to buy our electrical hardware. On its ground is the Nantech power systems Pvt Ltd, a manufacturing company that manufactures the most credible, durable, and top-level isolation transformers.

What Is An Isolation Transformer?

Isolation transformers are transformers that provide galvanic isolation between the powered device and AC power lines such that there is no DC path between the two. They are used to transfer electric power from an alternating current power source to a device, isolating the power source's powered device. This is usually done for safety purposes like to protect against electric shocks, to transmit power between two different circuits which are not supposed to be connected, and is also used to suppress electrical noise in sensitive appliances.

How Does Isolation Transformer Work?

Isolation transformers permit the transmission of signals of the AC component to pass but prohibit the DC signals' transmission to pass through from one signal to the other.

Isolation Transformer FromNantech ChennaiThey serve three main purposes:

  • Isolation of the secondary from the earth(ground)
  • They provide voltage alteration - step up or step down.
  • They decrease the electrical noise being transmitted from the primary to the secondary or vice versa.

They are designed in such a way they block the interference caused by ground loops. These transformers have turned in the ratio of 1:1 such that the number of turns in the primary and the secondary windings are equal. However, when the voltage needs to be altered, isolation transformers are used to step up and step down.

What are the uses of Isolation transformers?
The primary uses of isolation transformers are as follows :

  • To avoid ground loops.
  • Enable safe and precise measurements.
  • Protect users from impaired appliances.
  • In the separation of one part of the electrical system from the other.
  • Can be used to test electronic devices.

What are the specialized applications of isolation transformers?

  • Commercial isolation transformers

These are isolation transformers made for a vast number of devices used for commercial purposes.

  • Medical isolation transformers

Isolation transformers are designed especially for medical appliances. Medical centers need electronic devices that require high voltages and are sometimes risky to operate. In these cases, the user's safety, the patient, and the device itself should be considered a top priority. Medical isolation transformers fill this gap, act as a gatekeeper, and provide protection.
Other specialized applications and their isolation transformers include – Pulse transformers, Austin transformers, Instrument transformers, etc.

Isolation transformers are not only used for safeguarding our electronic equipments, but they also make working on an AC appliance so much easier. They work in so many ways to help us bring the best out of the devices we use without any interruptions of any sort. Another added advantage is that they are enormously useful for testing power-related devices.

Ultra- Isolation Transformers (The Safety Net of Electricity)

Have you ever wondered, when someone by mistake inserts their finger into an electric socket, they get electrocuted, and the finger burns? But when the same finger touches the net of those electric rackets for mosquito killing, you feel nothing more than a small shock wave with no physical effect? So it is quite evident that, based on the current, more accurately, the voltage flowing through a conductor, damage, or magnitude of use of the machine is proportionate. Just like us, even devices have a specific limit of voltage that they can handle without damaging themselves.

Generally, power lines from the power plant operate at super high voltages ranging from 155,00V to 765,000V. If that amount of voltage were to directly reach our homes and factories, all our machinery would burn down. Therefore, along the way, with the help of step- down transformers, voltage is reduced to about 120-220V till it reaches our homes. Unfortunately, this system is not properly developed in all parts of our country. There is usually an undesirable fluctuation of voltage and sound production due to interference and spikes in current, which may damage sensitive machinery in homes and factories. To guarantee the machinery's safety, 'The ultra- isolation transformer’ was created and manufactured on a large scale by various companies, including Nantech. The Ultra isolation transformer works on the basic principle that makes strong insulation amongst its primary and secondary coil, capable of withstanding surges in voltage. This essentially creates a barrier between the source of power and the machine or load, ensuring the machine's safety and any hazards that might arise from the unstable power supply.

Another important use of the isolation transformer is that it reduces electrical noise and enables good electromechanical compatibility. Suppose we pay attention to its internal structure. In that case, we observe that the number of windings in both the primary and secondary coils is the same and is often used to protect other connected circuits and individuals from shock. There is a capacitive coupling between the two coils with a faraday shield to enable the transfer of energy but reduce common-mode noise.


  • Enable safety
  • Reduce noise interference- both standard mode and differential mode.
  • Increase efficiency by blocking DC currents
  • Used in various sectors like Power industry, Aviation industry (Austin Transformer), Pulse circuits, and general appliances like computers, medical devices, factory machinery.
  • A significant part of electronic testing

Cons of Ultra Isolation Transformers:

  • Cost is the only significant issue as it is advisable to have an ultra- isolation transformer, but customers may not buy it or underestimate its use.

Nowadays, due to its wide range of applications, Ultra isolation transformers come built-in with high-risk devices and are indeed a marvel of human innovation. Working on a simple principle helps entire humanity avoid harm from the lifeline of society that is electricity.

Benefits Of Using An Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformers are often used to transfer the electric power from an alternating current power to any device. The powered-up device will be isolated from the source of power for safety reasons. The governing principle of isolating various sections of electrical systems is to halter the flow of current. There is no direct path of conduction. Still, energy is exchanged between various sections by electromagnetic waves, induction or capacitance. But, these transformers keep on blocking the DC component’s signal transmission from one circuit to another, at the same time allowing the AC components to pass by.

The isolation transformers which has a 1:1 ratio in between the secondary and primary windings are often used to provide protection against the electric shock that develops between energized and ground conductors. They can also be used to suppress the electric noise and to supply power for sensitive devices like medical devices, computers, and lab instruments. A special kind of insulation is provided between the secondary and primary of transformers, and higher voltages of the range 1000 to 4000 volts can be passed between these windings. Such isolation transformer in Chennai is often used as it has many benefits. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of isolation transformers:

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The Benefits:

Various businesses and industries get the services of isolation transformer dealers and make use of isolation transformers as it is found to be very beneficial for their operations.

  • Various circuits and its isolations can be easily substituted by using isolation transformers. The secondary and primary windings can be separated by the 1:1 ratio of the isolation transformers.
  • The isolation transformers simplify direct current’s isolation of power. In the case of telephone lines, amplifiers are used at different intervals. The isolation transformers manage the separation process of direct components of current from the signal. This further helps in controlling every amplifier over the line.
  • Before servicing and electronic testing isolation works, if you happen to touch a circuit’s live part, it can prove to be dangerous and even fatal. Hence, a 1:1 ratio transformer can be used to provide isolation and ensure safety. This is why isolation transformers are considered as one of the best options for all gadgets using electricity.
  • All types of sound and noise which are created due to the connection of audio amplifier and signal to the output circuit of the speaker can be easily reduced by using an isolation transformer.
  • The isolation transformers help in separating radio frequency amount on larger devices of circuits from the line of transmissions. The help in facilitating the amount's connection caused by the amplifier of radio frequency to the signals that are transmitted and directed in the direction of the antenna.

The isolation transformers help in preventing electric shock risks by uniting the electric power source with the vessel. They help in separating the resource from the person in such a way that the electric wires do not come in contact with the power lines.

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