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Aspects To Consider While Purchasing Isolation Transformers

Chennai is a bustling metropolitan city with many people relying on the clean current to reach them. Transformers are an essential part of this chain of getting power to your buildings, and most transformers these days aren't equipped with the latest technology in the market.
An upgrade to the transformers used these days are isolation transformers. They are just like a regular transformer, but the windings couple through a common iron core. The coils have a turn ratio of N2/N1=1, and this setup helps us a lot in reducing power line problems like surges and spikes, and hence without electrically connecting the two circuits, one can safely pass AC. It provides galvanic isolation, which protects your equipment from electric shocks and suppresses noise in sensitive devices.

With a wide range of products available in the market, one must consider some aspects before purchasing isolation transformers. These are:


Since we use transformers to change the primary power supply voltage, we must carefully consider this factor. Even though transformers can accommodate different voltages, the primary power supply voltage will determine the transformer's input voltage. You can then decide the output voltage as per requirements.

Number of Phases

We need to decide whether we have a single-phase or a three-phase requirement and accordingly choose our variant. This will depend on our output requirement. If we transport current to a house, small home, or an apartment building, we shouldn't need more than single-phase power and hence single-phase transformers for the job. Whereas if we are to supply to industries and factories that use heavy loads and heavy-duty equipment, we need a three-phase supply and choose a three-phase transformer.

Load Requirement

This is a factor that deals with the question, "What is the requirement of our load?" For this, we need to consider both the size and the type of load involved. This one should ideally consider along with the previous consideration.


Consider this before you finalize your product for purchase. Where are you going to install the transformer – will it be indoors or outdoors? Depending on this, you have to make sure that your transformer has the necessary physical capabilities to withstand whatever the environment throws at it. That’s not all! Is your transformer going to be installed near any hazardous substances or some other dangerous environment? Ask these questions before you finalize your product's purchase and adjust either your setting or change the product to suit your needs of the installation.

After you consider all of the above factors, you can now get in touch with Nantech, which has all your transformer needs taken care of! With excellent quality products, easy installation, top-notch customer care, and timely after-sales support, you can rest assured of your purchase to be a great one! They have both single and three-phase transformers with ranges from 500-1500 kVA. They have a compact design that can upgrade your current transformer. There are Step-up, Step-down, and K-Rated transformers for you to choose from as well! Please go check them out now, and Happy Shopping!

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